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KTM 50 Air cooled engine finding its way onto a few bibcycles, 9 hp with much better build quality than the chinese bicycle engines, the authorities are getting used to seeing motorized bicycles ripping along the street unregistered they for the most part turn a blind eye, but if they get wind of these sort of performance engines being used they’ll crack down on us, better to stick to low power assist engines if we don’t want to find bans sweeping us back off the road.

AMF- American Machine and Foundry Company - USA - 1908 - ? - Better known as AMF, this company is best known for making bowling equipment, and for owning Harley-Davidson for a while. AMF also acquired DeWalt in 1949 and sold it to Black & Decker in 1960. In 1965, Harley-Davidson ended over 60 years of family ownership with a public stock offering, and in 1969 merged with AMF. During the AMF years a number of mopeds and light motorcycles were offered under the Harley Davidson marque, the most well known of these were the M65 of 1967, and the AMF Roadmaster which had a 20” frame step-thru bicycle with a two stroke McCulloch engine mounted above the back wheel on the rear carrier, transmission was by friction drive. Although simple this bike was quite successful and stayed production until 1981 when 13 members of the Harley-Davidson management team purchased the company from AMF. Harley Davidson ceased small bike production at that time to concentrate on its larger machines with great success.

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